Alghero Holidays by Ferraro Jewels

Alghero is an Italian city of 43,974 inhabitants in the province of Sassari, Sardinia. It is also known as Barceloneta, the small Barcelona: the city has in fact preserved Catalan use. Alghero is not only characterized by the splendid sea and the historical culture that enriches it, but it is also much more.
Alghero Holidays from Ferraro Jewelery
In Alghero your holidays will also be rich in unique and personal gifts that you will not find elsewhere. From Ferraro Gioielli, there are unique jewelry, rare pieces, handmade by real craftsmen. Give yourself or give it a unique piece of it. The sea, the culture, all the characteristics of Alghero will remain in the time, instead take advantage of these unmistakable products, with love from this activity that has been in the industry for almost 50 years.

Ferraro Gioielli
Alghero Centro Storico, Fronte Chiesa San Francesco.
Via Carlo Alberto 49, 07041 Alghero (SS) – Sardinia – Italy